Monday, December 3, 2012

Pray For My Father Health. Aamin

Bismillahirahmanirahim dan Assalamualaikum.

Please pray for my father. Hope everything gonna be okay. Amin.. Tomorrow or today (if u read on tuesday) is a day. My father would do endogram to know either their coronary artery blockage or not. 

Picture for today.. at hospital waiting for the treatment tomorrow 

An this picture. Last 2 month when my father rushed to the hospital after complaining of pain in the chest. At that time i was at Johor but it doesn't means i cannot going home. After my sis text me about my father's condition, i directly going to bought the bus ticket. But the trip is only at night from JB to KB. It means i must wait for many hours before departure. Oh it's to long on waiting.

p/s ~ My family is my everything. I did not have anybody else. Please pray for the safety and happiness of my family. TQ..

5 comments: said...

Semoga you daddy cepat sembuh dan sihat dengan cepat. amin . :D

Anonymous said...

Mudah-mudahan keadaan ayah awak bertambah sihat dan kuat seperti sebelumnya. Aminn aminnnn.

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

sama2 kt doakan...amiiinn.

Myra Jay said...

InsyaAllah mudah-mudahan your Dad kembali sihat ye..

Doakan kesembuhan dia ;)

4feet8 said...

semoga cepat sembuh, pakcik..


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