Thursday, May 23, 2013


Bismillahirahmanirahim dan Assalamualaikum..

I was compelled to write this entry.. It is about friendship..

I don't think that i'm such a good friend. When my friend told me that i'm a good friend, i think they are lied to me. They just want me to feel relief when they say so or they just want to satirize because i did not be a good friend in fact.

If i'm a good friend, i will take care and grab some information about my friend. I will make sure that when my friend in bad condition i be polite and always ask about here. But i'm not.. I just let my friend lost direction and only have family to give support and everything. Such a bad friend right?

If i'm a good friend, i will always beside them and always lend a hand to help. I should not have  a selfish attitude. I must hang out with them. Does not have heart feeling when i being scolded because of my fault and ect.

Then too be  a good friend, you must listen to lyrics 'Sahabat' by Najwa Latif. I think you will be, but i'm not. Huhu

p/s ~ thanks for those that want to be friend with me eventhough i'm not good.

1 comment:

aRe_Nim said...

indeed u are a good friend.. but sometimes i segan la sbb u garang garang manja.hikhikhik..


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