Friday, April 15, 2011

Past life not being back...

I wish this could work in real life
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because it will make me easy :

 to have back my great moment since my primary school..
 to be at MRSM Kuala Terengganu again as a student because i want to be a naughty one.
to go back to my kindergarden and sing the song with all my friends especially my best friend Aida.
for having a internship at the big company to learn more..
to protect my wallet from being stolen..
and more..

but what i want it back there it is impossible.
So what i need to do now just doing the best for the next 
and creat a very best moment for what will happen..

therefore dont regret for what have goes..

Cheers ~ ~ ~


sizuka[Izzati] said... important thing is that, live your life to the fullest :)

aqish basir said...

hmm,have fun for new life dear.
memng bayk kengn yang kita ada,tapi kita kena pkir jugk masa depan...kan.



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