Saturday, December 11, 2010

History again repeated..


Ashamed with self!!

Have make parents upset!!(but they don't know yet)

Self did not calm!!

There is no any hope!!

What i dream cannot be comes true!!

So sad..T__T

Last nite is like a nightmare in my life. All da best word that have being given by da frdz is still can not make me happy and satisfied with what i have and got. Feel like everyone laughing on me. I'm not da clever one and will not be a great students. However, can make my parents proud with me. But after all of this, i'm failed.

Feel like there is no more life that can make me go on. Life just for burden others. What have going on cannot be come back and make my life cheerful again. There is only one semester that i must face. Is there have happines for me? Just wait and see. Hope it's there..

p/s ~ abaikan ayt yg tunggang langgang. I'm not the best speaker in English. I just try my best..


sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

mcm parah je bunyi..

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih banyak untuk menulis ini, itu unbelieveably informatif dan menceritakan ton

MUNNYRA said...

apa yg terjadi ???

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

What i dream cannot be comes true!!

Bkn senang nak gapai bintang... kan?

EzzEddin said...

it's not easy to grab everything u dreams on..

EzzEddin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mahirahnazlim said...

hailaa ~
wt happen to you dek non ?

shera haifa said...

sugar2 ~ luka lama berdarah kembali..chewaahh..hehe

munnyra ~ result,,now evrythng ok..

shera haifa said...

faiz ~ sng je..beli kat kdai bintang2..tmpal dlm bilik..then gapai..siap..hehe

Mr Ezz ~ u r right..but i will make it happen..cayala..

shera haifa said...

mahirah ~ just a small matter that i make it bigger..dont wory i'm strong now..

hidayah said...

if you don't face the hardship you never appreciate the indulgence... be strong kay...Allah knows best :)

hans said...

apa dah berlaku?

P/S : Hai Akak Dan Abang Artis! Kamu Suka Menulis Cerpen? Ada Contest Untuk Kamu!

shera haifa said...

hidayah ~ thx darling..i'm strong now..

hans ~ semuanya kerana result..


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